Family magic


For such a special day a special show. Material gifts are forgotten over time, but the emotions you get to feel with this Magic Mota show will be remembered always.

Your child will be the protagonist in this show and if he/she wishes, he/she will become a magician for a day. The show is aimed at all attendees. Children and adults will be amazed by apparitions, disappearances, levitations and much more…
We carry everything needed; you won’t have to worry about anything… you’ll just have to get carried away by Magic Mota.


We present an ideal show to celebrate your birthday, we adapt to any age.
The show is aimed at all attendees, children and adults, who will enjoy as much as possible with apparitions, disappearances, levitations and much more…
It can be carried out anywhere: restaurants, houses, gardens, playgrounds, etc.
We take care of everything; you just have to enjoy and have a good time.


Although many of us are used to seeing magic through a TV screen, live illusionism, where everything happens a few centimeters from our eyes, offers unique sensations that will be awakened even in the most skeptical. Therefore, any day can become special and enjoy a great magic show. What do you need?
We’ll advise you.